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What is Ympyris

Ympyris is a game that combines the idea of Tetris to the polar coordinate system. In normal Tetris-clones you move the falling blocks left and right. In Ympyris you rotate the well to find a place for the falling block.

Screenshot thanks to chiman.

Why another Tetris?

I like Tetris. I got bored. I wanted to make something weird to fight boredom and put my brains to work. Ympyris is different enough to be stimulating (at least for quite a while), yet the basic controls are so familiar that you quickly learn the game.

Project status

Ympyris has been playable for about two years but the user interface needs improvement and extra candy.

If you have questions, feedback or you would like to help make Ympyris even more weird, please contact me at


Thanks go to the wonderful people who created Python, LibSDL and Pygame. Without these tools Ympyris would not exist.

Thanks also go to fellow students at the Department of Computer Science, University of Helsinki. Especially Amn. It would be difficult to code anything if there were no people giving feedback.

Finally I would like to thank myself for coding something that has amused me for way too many hours.

Juha-Matti Tapio
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